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Relationship and Couples

I am fully qualified in Imago Relationship Therapy. This is a unique and non-threatening relationship therapy in which I have a strong personal belief and faith. It can be a life changing approach in how you interact and communicate with others. 

Learn how to (really) listen and understand what the other is saying and learn to become more empathic both towards yourself and your loved one(s).

"Getting the love you want, keeping the love your find and connecting securely and deeply with your partner, these are the goals of Imago Relationship Therapy. We can help you resolve conflict while staying connected. Deepening intimacy in a safe space invites vulnerability. Communicating effectively with your partner is key to maintaining a long and rewarding relationship. Sharing a life together means meeting and conquering obstacles as a couple while expressing uncertainties and frustrations constructively."

                                                                                               -Harville Hendrix

You need to both want to, and be committed to, embark on this journey. You need the willingness to be open to learning a new way of communicating. You will learn together on an amazing journey. 

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