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Stress and Burnout Coaching

Burnout, unfortunately, is becoming a global pandemic. Chronic stress can lead to burnout and can have major impact on your health and your environment. Often we do not recognise the stress soon enough. Burnout is a mind-body shutdown and can include the following symptoms:

  • Emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue, mental weariness

  • Emotional numbness and cynicism

  • A sense of depersonalisation

  • Lack of accomplishment and mastery

  • Depression 

  • Absence of positive emotions

  • Cognitive weariness


With coaching, learn to recognise when stress is taking over before it is too late. Learn ways to recognise your deep emotional state. Learn to think differently and to set healthy boundaries. I use various tools and exercises to encourage you to take charge again. 

I help you gain perspective on your situation through the process of inquiry and discussion. I aim to provide clarity and awareness about given situations or topics and from there support you to take actions and make progress. 

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